Reasons Why Merchants Should Use an Embedded POS System

Reasons Why Merchants Should Use an Embedded POS System

1. Enhanced Security:

Prevents the Download or Upload of Unauthorized Files. the lack of a file manager in embedded  POS systems ensures that unauthorized files cannot be uploaded from or  downloaded to the POS system.

For business  owners, this provides the following benefits:

  • The inability to download data from the POS system protects business owners from sensitive data being stolen.

 •  Protects the POS system environment by eliminating the risk that employees could purposely or inadvertently upload a  virus or malware.

 2. Application Controls That Lead To Increased Productivity

Embedded POS systems enhance the productivity of your business by limiting your employees’ non-work related activities when they use your devices. Since embedded POS systems are designed for a specific purpose - running your point of sale - they are very different from general use computers.

With an embedded POS system, user activity is limited so they will not be able to use the system for checking emails, surfing the web or engaging in other non-business essential activities.


3. Purchasing an Operating System Adds Cost to Your POS System Purchase

Purchasing an operating system for your PC-based POS system can be costly - especially if you are a merchant with multiple POS systems and locations. Typically, you also have to pay the operating system’s provider for ongoing technical support. Technology isn’t always the most reliable; without ongoing support from the provider’s IT team, your company could be in hot water when issues arise.

When purchasing an operating system separately from your devices, you will have to pay periodically for costly operating system upgrades. Software updates typically lead to additional support issues.With an embedded POS system, there would be no need for costly operating system upgrades.

4. No Antivirus or Anti-Malware Software Needed

Unlike personal computers, devices with embedded POS systems do not need antivirus or antimalware software installed. This eliminates the need to purchase these applications as well as the time and money that comes with periodically updating your antivirus and antimalware software.  Malware is malicious software that is downloaded to your computer without your consent. It includes viruses, worms, and Trojan horses that can wreak havoc upon PC-based POS systems. Devices that have been infected with malware are difficult and often costly to repair.

With an embedded POS system, you can remain worry free about such software infecting your devices and compromising your POS system’s ability to perform.

5. Easy to Set Up, Use, and Maintain

Whether you are an independent single store operator or a mid to large size chain, it can be a nightmare when your POS system crashes. For small businesses that do not have the luxury of an IT department, the onus of getting the POS system up and running again often falls on the owner. For enterprise operations, IT is often not available to be on-site to help with rebooting your POS system.

One of the key advantages embedded POS systems offer is turn-key operation. Simply take the POS system out of the box, turn it on and it is ready to work as expected. Embedded point of sale systems are faster and more reliable than PC-based POS systems, reducing your need for costly IT support. For the merchant, this means less cost and time invested in installation, training and ongoing support costs.


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